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Know the significance and dates of unparalleled beauty of Ladakh’s Hemis festival

Last Updated on May 17, 2022 at 4:49 pm

Save the dates to enter the magical realm of Ladakh as Hemis festival 2022 is around the corner. The two day annual celebration of Ladakh’s Hemis festival will take place on July 8 and July 9.

Hemis Festival of Ladakh is celebrated every year on the birth anniversary of Guru Padamsambhav. It is a two-day celebration which marks the victory of good over evil. As per tradition, Lord Padamsambhav defeated the dark forces with the help of Vajrayana Buddhism and the people of Ladakh celebrate the day of his birth on a large scale. There is a grand celebration of culture and grand Hemis Monastery in Ladakh is decorated beautifully.

People begin Hemis Festival after taking blessings of a portrait of the Guru in the morning and musicians playing music while the ceremony goes on. Locals dress up in traditional garb and gather in the monastery courtyard for the major event. Then there is masked dance performance called Cham. It is a slow dance and depicts the war between good and evil wherein the good wins. The sight is breath-taking as the colorfully dressed Lamas bring enthusiasm all over the place. The magnificent masks and headgears are culturally significant and have several meanings

Also, there is a fair where one can buy Tibetan souvenirs and one of the best times to visit Ladakh and see its culture.