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KPDCL employees, linemen to have golden cards soon

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 at 4:17 pm

Employees of power department will be soon provided with the golden health cards which includes linemen and for meeting health expenses they will be covered under welfare fund scheme.

On Thursday, Chief Engineer Kashmir Power Development Corporation Limited (KPDCL) Aijaz Ahmed Dar said that expenses of all the injured linemen of the department have been borne by the department and in the fresh case too, the department is duty-bound to bear medical expenses of injured lineman of Kulgam district.

Dar further said that the expenses of lineman Shabir Ahmed Dar, who was injured at Bogund, Kulgam on Sunday will be borne by the department.

Also, Dar said that set Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) will be set to minimize the accidents and injuries to the staff and linemen while repairing the lines, transformers etc. Further Dar added that the department tries to raise funds for the family help of injured employees and not for medical help. “With a new strategy in place, there will be a significant fall in accidents and injuries to employees in the line of duty henceforth,” the Chief Engineer said.