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Punjabi ‘Dadi’ attacks Kangana Ranaut for accusing her of getting paid to protest

Last Updated on December 2, 2020 at 7:26 pm

Mohinder Kaur, a 73-year-old resident of Bahadurgarh Jandian village, attacked Kangana Ranaut after the actress commented on her. She told The Tribune that she doesn’t knows Kangana and why is she degrading her. She doesn’t goes for any labour. She does farming and harvest crops on her own with a sickle.

His family has 12 acres of land. She lives with her son, his wife and children. Most of the times, they take care of fields, but still she also visits the fields and does the farming work herself. She said that Kangana’s comments are very wrong.

She said that while Kangana can give her Rs 700-800, she will give Rs 500-600 per quintal to labourer for picking cotton in her fields. As she is a farmer so that’s why, she went to Delhi to join protesting farmers. She had also been a part of protests earlier.

Her neighbours, Jagdev Kaur and Swaranjit Kaur, said that it is very wrong what Kangana has said for her friend. They asked kangana to join them in the protest and they will give them 1000 rupees.

Mohinder Kaur’s husband Labh Singh said that they are upset over the remarks made by Kangana on his wife. He said that they are not labourers who will join the protest for 100 rs but rather farmers with ownership of acres of agricultural land. He also demanded that Kangana should take her words back.

The controversy took shape after Kangana tweeted sharing a photo of the woman that she is the same woman who was featured in Time Magazine and now, she is available for 100 rs. However, the actress who often gets into controversies deleted her tweet later.

Kangana mistook an old lady in the march to be the one who got famous after her involvement in Shaheen Bagh protests. A Chandigarh-based advocate Hakam Singh even sent a legal notice to the actress for the same. He asked kangana for an apology from the actress for making a mockery of an elderly lady.

Kangana is getting trolled on the social media platforms after the incident. Many Punjabi singers like Kanwar Grewal, Parmish Verma and Amrit Mann attacked Kangana for using disgraceful words for an elderly lady.