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LG Manoj Sinha is giving a hard time to non-performing bureaucrats

Last Updated on December 21, 2020 at 7:22 pm

Since the day Manoj Sinha got appointed as Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, many officials are having a hard time, especially in memorizing statistics about their assignments.

Sources said that since Sinha comes from an engineering background, he often talks to concerned officials like the Commissioner Secretaries, Heads of the Departments, and the District Commissioners and asks about the performance of their respective departments in terms of facts, figures and other statistics.

Sources say that the first thing which Sinha inquires from any official is how many projects are being executed, how many have been completed and what is the percentage of the work output, etc. He also asks about the population, workforce and accomplishment of government works in figures.

Sources said that officials often get phone calls from the Raj Bhawan. Often, the LG personally speaks to officials for review of their performance. A senior official said that in the last seventy years of governance in Jammu and Kashmir, the administration officials were not used to remembering statistics about their departments. He said that the only time when one would discuss figures was at meetings where the concerned officials would use a file but now, officials are trying to memorize the numbers because they might get call any time.

A subordinate clerk of a senior official said that the officials spend a good amount of time memorizing details about their respective departments. He said that his boss is seen loudly reading facts and figures as if he is preparing for an exam like a schoolkid.

Sources say that the LG is being seen as a “hard task master”. The babus have realized that working with him deliverance must be shown on the ground otherwise working with him wouldn’t be easy. It is being said that the LG was sending a message in the administration that officials must be well-resourced and prepared if they want to do their job efficiently by such personal interaction with the officials on surprise basis.

Since the day Sinha took over, administration has been made more accountable for good governance.