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Major blow to liquor mafia as highest bidders needs to submit bank details to excise department

Last Updated on April 8, 2022 at 11:07 am

The tall claims made by Jammu and Kashmir administration regarding new excise policy seems to have vanished in air since it has allegedly paved the way for liquor mafia.

Thus, Department of Excise making it difficult for liquor mafia has asked for details of bank transactions of the highest bidders for the licenses of retail vends of liquor in J&K.

As per reports, H1 bidders need to provide their details of bank transactions to the Excise Department for the issuance JKEL-2 (license for the Retail Vends) for the year 2021-22 failing to which causes delay in opening of maximum retail liquor vends.

H1 bidders have been asked to furnish details of their bank transactions after the increase in liquor mafia managing to secure a number of retail vend licenses (Type-C) through proxies.

It was claimed by J&K government that new excise policy would remove monopoly but it has become a hoax as some liquor mafia has used proxies in bidding, reportedly.  Liquor mafia used proxy bidders to manage maximum liquor vends in J&K reportedly, thus Excise Department has ordered H1 bidders to furnish bank transaction details to trace the trails of money deposited as Earnest Money (EMD) and the bid amount.

Excise Commissioner Kishore Singh Chib told Excelsior that H1 bidders need to give their bank details and other documents, such as property certificate, Vend Clearance certificate by the concerned Deputy Commissioner and Character Certificate etc are needed for issuance of JKEL-2 license.