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Marriage palaces already booked in Jammu, restriction on gathering hit people hard

Last Updated on April 18, 2021 at 12:51 pm

As the marriage season is around the corner, people who have already booked marriage palaces and hotels in Jammu and Kashmir are hit hard by the restrictions on gathering of only 100 due to the current situation.

Jammu and Kashmir government has imposed a ban on gathering in function and events of over 100 persons. While a large number of people had already booked big and small marriage halls especially in Jammu, they now face loss of money as they will neither be able to invite more than 100 people nor will, in many cases, they get their advance back.

The marriage season as per Hindu calendar starts in April, however the restriction on gathering of have been announced by the government recently. This has left people who have already booked marriage halls in the lurch.

Meanwhile some of the marriage palaces are busy making elaborate arrangements to ensure that only 100 people enter the halls as per the government guidelines. Some of the marriage halls have also agreed to adjust the advance money paid by the customers as final payment.

Manager of a prominent hotel in Jammu told JK Newsline that they had received Rs 45000 as advance two months ago for a marriage where 600 people were expected. “But the ceiling on guests has left the father of the girl disheartened and he approached us about his problem. We understand that there is no fault of our customers and we have agreed to make arrangements for only 100 people and not charging them more than required as it would be unethical on our part” the manager said.

The government has asked all marriage halls and hotels to ensure that there should be a social gathering on not more than 100 people so that spread of Coronavirus can be restricted.