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Nation First: India won’t tolerate any other flag than tricolor on Red Fort

Last Updated on January 26, 2021 at 8:08 pm

As unruly demonstrators’ broke barricades across boundaries and inside Delhi to march into the capital’s arterials from all corners and park at Red Fort, the emblem of national sovereignty, the farmers’ tractor parade went out of control Tuesday.

At least two protestors hoisted their personal flags, affecting the ascending of the Red Fort flagstaff, where thousands of demonstrators stormed to establish a huge issue of law and order.  

Officials from the Home Ministry said they were monitoring the situation closely and talking to farmers to get them to step back and out of the city.  

As the case went out of hand, the Delhi Metro ordered 20 stations closed.

The farmers previously broke into Delhi, defying all laws and deals with the police, and posted at the Red Fort in the thousands, with little explanation as to what they wanted to do.  

Any of the agitators practiced ‘Gatka’ martial arts at the Red Fort.

The demonstrators rioted on Delhi roads before reaching the Red Fort, smashed concrete blockades, destroyed vehicles, displayed swords and even tried to ram into refusing police officers.

While on the 72nd Republic Day, the Samyukta Kisan Morcha washed their hands off the nasty protests and said they were part of the party that defied the police roads, the ultimate implications were more than adverse for the nonviolent agitation of farmers so far.

Police lobbied tear gas shells at ITO on farmers who were armed with steel poles, sticks, and swords. However, after several threats to ram their tractors against police officers, the farmers failed to move, almost stopping just short of driving them over.  

When questioned where they would go, some of the farmers said they were heading for the Red Fort.

Violent demonstrators kept saying that they were going to win Delhi and that Delhi was theirs.  Most of them stated that their leader was Rakesh Tikait.  

The attention turned to Red Fort, where they attacked to make their case about the farm law, as the explosive protesters left a trail of devastation in their wake. Police in Delhi were seen retaining composure and said they talked to the demonstrators telling them to leave Delhi again.  

The farmers scaled the Red Fort and its ancient buildings, while the government held a close eye on the situation occupied by relentless farmers, blinking victory signs.

As the Red Fort campaign began, there were more and more farmers entering Delhi and the masses began to swell.  

A farmer also died when his tractor overturns on the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg near ITO.