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NCC cadets undertake Tawi banks cleaning in Nagrota

Last Updated on January 6, 2024 at 5:53 pm

In a remarkable display of community collaboration, the National Cadet Corps have undertaken a significant Socially Useful and Productive initiative. The focus of this endeavour is the Cleaning of Tawi River Banks in Nagrota, with a specific emphasis on removing plastic waste materials.

540 NCC Cadets and Staff of 2J&K BN NCC of Jammu Group (JK&L Dte) participated in the cleanup drive.The  Sarpanch of Panchayat Dhok Wazira, Mr. Raman Wazir, Mr. Puran Chand, Naib Sarpanch, Lambardars Mr. Rattan Singh and Mr. Kulwant Singh, 41 Civilians and employees of Block Development Nagrota extended their wholehearted support to this noble cause.

Alongside the cleanup plastic activity, awareness programs are being conducted to educate the community about the long-term consequences of plastic pollution. A total of approx. 700 kg plastic was collected and properly disposed to Garbage dumping site at Kot Bhalwal.

The “Plastic Free Tawi Campaign” signifies the power of collaborative action between youth organizations, local leadership, and community members. This initiative is not just about cleaning the riverbanks; it’s a symbol of collective responsibility towards our water Bodies.