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New drone policy soon; Operators may need to register or face action

Last Updated on June 29, 2021 at 1:35 pm

The recent cases of drone spotting (and one used for attack on Jammu airport) have against brought the flying objects in the spotlight and forced the government to strictly implement the norms for flying these machines.

The government of India has laid a detailed policy on operating drones in any corner of the country but mostly the policy is either flouted or not taken seriously by video makers and those in the business of marriages and other events.

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While it is quite easy to procure a drone through online shopping, sources in Ministry of Home say new ruled may soon be laid where operating a drone without permission can become a serious problem for the owner of the drone.

In a new tactic, Air Force Station at Jammu came under attack when two drones fitted with IED hovered over the high security area. The IEDs were reportedly detached remotely that blasted on a roof of a building and ground respectively.

As per the policy by government, all drones have to be registered on the website of Directorate General of Civil Aviation

However the earlier laid rules for operating a drone asks the pilot not to fly it within the radius of 25 Km from International Border, Line of Control or Line of Actual Control in the country.

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The drones cannot be operated even within a distance of 5 km from the perimeter of international airports at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad

These machines cannot be operated within a distance of 3 km from the perimeter of any civil, private, or defense airports.

There have been spotting of drones near military stations in Jammu a day ago. However as per ruled a drone cannot be flown within 3 km from the perimeter of military installations/facilities without clearance.

As per the policy, except for the Nano category, all drone operations shall take place only after prior permission has been received for a flight or series of flights through the DGCA website. The drone operator will also ensure that the aircraft stays within the defined area for which permission was obtained, and furnish a log of each flight through the online platform.

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