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No galleries to display art, Kashmiri artists allowed to paint flyovers

Last Updated on June 9, 2021 at 3:26 pm

Everyone is aware of the art and culture of Kashmir and needs no introduction.

Despite having years of art industry and artists being so talented they always find it difficult to get appreciation for their work. They have to struggle to display their work because of no art galleries present in the valley. There is no art gallery to showcase their work to the outside world.

As per reports, local Kashmiri artists have been permitted to present their work on the walls, flyovers and subways in the Srinagar city under smart city project.

Talking with an artist Mohd Sadiq, he said that he is happy that artists have been given a chance to display their talent and are getting praises and recognition from people. People outside are loving their work. This is a sign that one should never lose hope which requires a lot of patience.

He feels that they have got a gift from God since it is for the first time their work gets recognized. Also he added that since the valley has no art galleries they never saw any scope of their work here. By mentioning one of his friends he said that he is a gold medalist in this field but has to work as mason because of no future for artists.

Another artist Abdul Rashid said that he feels so happy that they are able to display their work on walls. He further said that his joy knew no bounds when people stopped to look at their work and take pictures and make videos. He also feels that it’s God’s blessings on them.

Sadiq further said that, government really needs to look into the matter deeply as there is no proper system and platform for their work to be displayed. Students who spend 5 years of their life studying art should see some ray of hope for their future. To maintain their hope and help them in their career, the government needs to take some necessary steps. If the government does not intervene students will lose interest in this field.

The aim of these art pieces across the Srinagar city is not only for the beauty but also for creating spaces for these artists to showcase their talent. The paintings on the walls also tell about the culture of the Kashmir valley. They have painted Kashmir’s famous hill stations, shawls, temples, houseboats and shikaras among many other things.