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‘No sensitive posting’ for former DGM of Housing Board, says inquiry committee

Last Updated on June 27, 2021 at 7:02 pm

After a controversy raked up when tenders were cancelled and 50 bedded Integrated Ayush Hospital at Kishtwar allotted, an inquiry committee has now recommended ‘no sensitive posting’ for the then Deputy General Manager, Jammu and Kashmir Housing Board (JKHB) in future.

The inquiry committee was constituted to look into the cancellation of tenders and allotment of 50 bedded Integrated Ayush Hospital at Kishtwar.

As per the government order no. 207-PW(R&B) of 2021 Dated: 23/06/2021, Er. Rajesh Kumar, the then Deputy General Manager (DGM), JK Housing Board Unit-1 Jammu, by way of censuring him, might not be given any sensitive posting in future.

As per reports, on 28th December 2020, the Managing Director, Jammu and Kashmir Housing Board informed Public Works (R&B) Department that the construction work of 50 Bedded Integrated Ayush Hospital at Kishtwar was allotted to J&K Housing Board by the department of Health & Medical education vide No.HD/Plan/51/2018 dated 19.06.2018.

Administrative approval for the Project stands accorded competent authority vide Government Order No.703-JK(HME) of 2020 dated 16.09.2020. Tenders for the hospital were invited by DGM, Housing Unit No.1, Jammu, vide e-NIT No.02 of 2020-2021 dated 28.05.2020 at an estimated cost of Rs. 5.44 crore.  In the bid three contractors had participated and it was noticed that DGM without following prescribed norms had opened the tenders beyond his financial competence of allotment which is Rs.1.50 Crore only.

The allotment has been made for an amount of Rs 6,28,39,293, adding that the committee constituted vide JKHB Order No.110 of 2012 dated 25.04.2012 was entrusted to scrutinize the documents submitted by the tenders viz-a-viz the requirements of the e-NIT.

Further it was reported that the Committee submitted its report on 24.12.2020 which brought ahead the following deficiencies. On the basis of the inquiry committee’s report, the DGM vide JKHB Order No.129 of 2020 dated 24.12.2020, attached with the office of Director Finance, J&K Housing Board. The DGM further, was relieved vide JKHB Order No.130 of 2020 dated 28.12.2020 with the direction to report his appointing authority/cadre controlling authority i.e, PW(R&B) Department.

Though, department’s letter No.PW(R&B)/G/294/2020 dated 11.01.2020, the article of charges /statement of imputation was served to Er. Rajesh Kumar, the then DGM through Chief Engineer, Public Works(R&B) Department, Jammu. The DGM submitted a reply, the case examined and vide Government order No.53-PW(R&B) of 2021 dated 29.01.2021.

Er. Sami Arif Yasvi, Development Commissioner (Works) and Er. Shivanghi Gupta, I/c Assistant Executive Engineer, Unit-I J&K Housing Board Jammu has been appointed as Inquiry Officer (IO) and Presenting Officer respectively to investigate the matter.

The DGM, without proper evaluation of the tenders and in violation of the procedures, has allotted the said work to the contractor beyond his competence. This clearly shows the carelessness on part of the officer for performing his duties.