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Now get NOC for commercial activities, installation of mobile tower online in Jammu

Last Updated on March 26, 2021 at 4:48 pm

Municipal Corporation of Jammu has launched a series of new online services that are going to help the residents to a great extent.

Besides birth and death certificates, several other services like correction in birth and death certificates, permission for installation of mobile towers, registration of pet dogs among others will be available online in Jammu.

Below is the list of all services provided by JMC online:

1.      Online Issuance of Non Objection Certificate for commercial activities.
2.      Application for Issuance of Birth Certificate & inclusion of Child name in the existing
3.      Application for Issuance of Death Certificate.
4.      Application for correction in the existing birth record.
5.      Application for correction in the existing death record.
6.      Application for issuance of Non Availability Certificate for a birth record.
7.      Application for issuance of Non Availability Certificate for a death record.
8.      Online Issuance of permission for installation of Mobile Towers.
9.      Application for Grant of License for Milk Dairy.
10.   Application for issuance of Street Vending/Rehri License.
11.   Application for Registration of Pet Dog.
12.   Application for Registration of Pet Clinic/Bird Trade/Pet Trade etc.
13.   Application for new sewerage connection.
14.   Application for Road Cutting Permission.

The following are the salient features of the e-services :-
1. Service(s) will be fully online
2. Citizens will be submitting applications online
3. All departments will be able to receive application online
4. All departments  will be able to verify documents and application fee online
5. All departments will be able to escalate application to some other person, in the case of   
    absence of dealing authority, online
6. Citizens will be monitoring Application status online
7. Payment will be online.
8. Output certificate will be online in a PDF downloadable form with embedded Digital  Signatures of  
    the issuing authority.
“These services will help JMC to provide transparent, accountable and efficient local governance through the use of modern technologies especially in management and administration fields. JMC has decided to embrace Information Technology in the form of e-Governance as a tool towards this goal.  Better IT systems are required to integrate all the workflows seamlessly for a faster and efficient service to the citizens, employees and administrators” an official statement by JMC said.