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Now, one can even party in an igloo as cafe made of snow comes up in Gulmarg

Last Updated on February 7, 2022 at 1:16 pm

A major attraction spot for tourists has come in Jammu and Kashmir’s Gulmarg which is an igloo cafe. Now, one can even party in a huge snow structure –an igloo. An igloo cafe has come up at Gulmarg with a height of 37.5 ft and a diameter of 44.5 ft. Sipping a hot cup of coffee in a snow structure will definitely bring joy for the people.

The snow tables, each meant for four people, are carved in a circular fashion to serve around 40 people whether young and old, couples and singles at a time.  Syed Wasim Shah, creator of the igloo, claimed it was the world’s largest cafe of its kind.

Syed Waseem Shah, managing director of a prominent hotel in Gulmarg said that they have applied for Guinness World Records, whose team will be visiting us next week.

Shah informed that he saw this concept few years ago in Switzerland and thought to start this at Gulmarg as it sees a lot of snow. “We have created it in two steps with a staircase. Forty people can eat at a time,” he said.

Shah informed that they have completed this in 64 days and 25 people working day and night.

Varsha, a tourist said that this igloo is beyond imagination and sipping a cup of coffee is amazing.

Shah said that they were motivated to make this Igloo after seeing such creations in Switzerland and last year, Shah’s team had given it a try and was able to construct a smaller igloo but his year, they started early with a clear goal to create a world record.

Shah further informed that it sustains itself owing to the sub-zero temperatures and is a sort of insulator, meaning if the temperature outside is -10 degrees Celsius, inside the temperature will be -2 degrees and this is the reason that it is livable inside.