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Pain suffered by Kashmiri Pandits felt in ‘The Kashmir Files’

Last Updated on March 8, 2022 at 4:15 pm

Even after 32 years, the bitter and terrifying nights of 1990s keep echoing in minds of Kashmiri Pandits who were thrown out of valley and forced into exodus in most horrifying manner ever in Indian history.

It is hard to believe the fact it took so many years to bring the untold truth of Kashmiri Pandits in front of everyone. The upcoming film ‘The Kashmir Files’ directed by Vivek Agnihotri tells the plight of Kashmiri Pandits which will definitely shake the soul of everyone.

The Kashmir Files revolves around the story of Pushker Nath Pandit (Anupam Kher) and his family. The story brings out the truth of hopeless system, the fight for one’s dignity and tragedies of people who have experienced and lived that trauma. It is a movie that’s been closest to the truth ever shown in the past.

Kashmiri Hindus which were forced to leave their habitat in 1990’s. The genocide of Kashmiri Hindus is the worst nightmare of people who have seen and experienced it. Some were brutally murdered, women raped, people were looted and tortured and were left on their own by the powerful system in the hands of terrorists.

The film begins with the real story of the killing of Satish Tickoo by JKLF terrorists and later shows how they walked armed around Srinagar searching for the Pandits only to kill them after spotting them and destroying them. The JKLF terrorists neither spared the women nor the kids. What rips apart once soul is the sad story of complicity of politicians, bureaucracy, police and medical fraternity and how the Kashmiri Hindu exodus, is expressed and shared.  

Anupam Kher in the role of Pushkar Nath Pandit. Pallavi Joshi, in her role of left leaning liberal Prof. Radhika Menon at a university in Delhi has portrayed the misplaced priorities, flawed world view and bigotry of the class of people she represents.

Darshan Kumar is a confident and vociferous advocate of righteousness, as Krishna Pandit. Mithun Chakraborty, Puneet Issar, Atul Shrivastav and Prakash Belawadi, representing the role of the four friends of Pushkar Nath Pandit, who come together after many years in order to spread the ashes of their friend in his ancestral home, are integral to the story and convincingly portray the helplessness of some well meaning officers in the administration in wake of the hostility and apathy of the powers of the day to protect Kashmiri Hindus.

Chinmay Mandlekar as Farooq Malik ‘Bitta’ and Sourav Verma have portrayed the characters of ruthless terrorists.

This movie brings out the real truth of the minorities who were forced into mass exodus due to the genocide and is set to release on March 11.