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Paramilitary forces, police conduct route march in rural areas of Jammu ahead of LS polling

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 at 7:18 pm

Various route marches are conducted in Rural zone of Jammu District under the close supervision of SSP Jammu and SP Rural Jammu in the JDs of PS Khour, PP Jourian, PS Akhnoor, PS Gharota,PP Pargwal, PS Kanachak, PS Domana, PP Chinore,PP PouniChak, BPP Sandwan

PS Nagrota,PS Jhajjar Kotli,PP Sidhra and PP Manwal.All the territorial officers including SDPOs,SHOs and ICPPs/ICBPPs were participated in the march along with Armed and CAPF officers/officials.

Route marches are part of standard security measures to ensure safety and order during elections.

These marches help in familiarizing security personnel with the area and enhancing their readiness to handle any potential security threats during the electoral process. Besides helps them in intelligence gathering .

Visible presence of security forces through route marches can deter criminal elements and instill confidence among the public,encouraging greater participation in the Route marches facilitate coordination and teamwork among the forces.

Marches serve as a visible reminder of the importance of security and safety during elections and  ensuring a secure and peaceful environment for elections, which is essential for upholding the democratic principles of free and fair voting.