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Parents protest over schools demand for annual fees in Jammu

Last Updated on February 2, 2021 at 8:01 pm

Parents of students in Jammu protested on the streets regarding their complaint about a school’s attitude towards them. They are also not in favour of sending their children until they get vaccinated.

One of these protesting parents questioned as to when will the children get vaccinated as it was not safe to send them to schools till then .

Another parent complained that the school is charging annual fees from children which is in violation of the Government’s order directing schools to charge it only after offline classes start.

Parents complained that they have been paying fees throughout the online classes even when many of them had financial issues only for the future of their kids. One of them complained that his child is in class 10th and the school denied to issue him forms because he hasn’t paid his fees. He demanded that schools should learn to adjust as they are the regular customers of the school.

Another parent said that his daughter is also in 10th standard. The school’s principal clearly told him that if they don’t deposit her fees then they’ll expel her from school.

He somehow managed to pay 2 months fees, so that the school can let her attend online classes. School removed his wife’s number from her class’s WhatsApp group because of not depositing fees. The principal told him that she has missed her exam even though she submitted her pdf on time.

The principal threatened him that his child’s year would be wasted if he didn’t deposit the fee on time.

“The government must ensure that the school don’t get away with threats for not paying fees as many people are having financial issues” said a parent.