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Punjab pays tribute to Glasgow Sikh businessman who died of Covid-19

Last Updated on April 23, 2020 at 7:16 pm

Punjab has paid tribute to, Amrik Singh, a Sikh businessman based in Glasgow who died due to Coronavirus after a four-day battle with the virus.

Singh was a business figure in Glasgow and is stated to be the founding father of Asian community in the area. He was also a veteran marathon runner.

Singh also known as Waheguru Baba among the Sikh community moved to the city in early 1970s. He had convenience stores on Woodland’s Road and later on Queen Margret Drive. He soon became popular among the residents as he was used to feed the destitute and homeless.

He finished the London Marathon multiple times and also took part in one of the events when he was in his 70s.

News of his death has come as a shock to the residents of Punjab many of whom were known to Amrik Singh.

Harjinder Singh Kukreja, prominent businessman in hospitality and a philanthropist wrote in his Twitter, “Tributes have been flooding in from across Glasgow for a former shopkeeper & well respected member of the Scottish Sikh community. Bhai Amrik Singh Glasgow, aka Waheguru Baba, sadly died at the age  of 86 after a brave battle with Coronavirus”.

Paman Singh, grandson of Amrik Singh wrote on his twitter, “Sorry to post this, but it’s important we do not simply see statistics and remember the human impact. I am utterly heartbroken, my grandfather was admitted to hospital last Sunday with symptoms. He battled heroically but eventually succumbed late this afternoon. From when he came over to the UK in the 60s, he remained steadfast in his faith – that of humanity. He faced up to the National Front and horrific racism with a smile, for him, these people weren’t enemies”

Describing an incident of racist slur with his grandfather, Paman told, “I remember him telling me when a man came into his shop and was hurling racist insults at him, but then was injured in a road accident just outside. My grandfather closed the shop and drove the man to the hospital himself and becoming friends with him. This was only a small part of his life though. His main focus was on Seva – volunteering work. At the local Gurdwara, he would cheerfully wash the dishes of others, clean the toilets, and wipe down the shoes of those who came through the doors. Nothing was beneath him”.

Amrik Singh also sponsored and volunteered eye camps in Punjab every year.