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RailRestro brings special foods for summer trips

Last Updated on April 30, 2022 at 6:51 pm

Kick-start your summer vacation trip by booking a Meal on train. RailRestro offers refreshing, cooling and delectable summer food on the train for passengers travelling in the summer season. Travellers can spruce up their ride by ordering revitalizing delights online like mango shakes, buttermilk, ice creams, fruits, etc.

It’s the summer season right around the corner, waiting for you to plan and decide on the best travels of your life. It’s time to leave the quiet, hot, and steamy afternoons behind and go into a world of excitement and adventure. There are many beautiful and relaxing spots in India where you can spend your summer vacation. 

This summer, accompany your ride with refreshing, cool and thirst-quenching delights anytime on the train. RailRestroE-catering app helps you order food online that is refreshing to consume during the summer to beat the heat and stay reenergized throughout the ride in the hot season.

RailRestro is overloaded with exquisite food in train options, from smoothies, Lassi, and mango shakes to fruits and dhokla for an untimely craving for something cool. With its 2000+ food partners servicing PAN India, it delivers food at 450+ Railway stations.

Energizing Food to Enjoy Your Summer Trip on Train

Indian Railways connect to India’s beautiful and amazing places. IRCTC’s catering and tourism division has made seat reservations and e-catering services available online, making vacation planning in summer a delight. IRCTC authorized e-catering partner Railrestro, for the summer relief of passengers hovering in the summer, added numerous seasonal and refreshing dishes to satisfy passengers’ cravings for food to fight the heat.

Manish Chandrathe CEO of RailRestro, stated, “With RailRestro app, passengers can enjoy their train ride with refreshing and delicious food on train during their summer vacation or leisure trips. It’s the digital age, so getting fresh and healthful restaurant cuisine on the train is as simple as clicking a button. Passengers can order meals during their ride at any station using the RailRestro smartphone application or calling on 8102202203. We sought to include favourites and recharging summer meals and drinks to the revised RailRestro menu for the convenience of passengers.”

Whether travelling to the hottest city of Rajasthan, Maharashtra or Kolkata, RailRestro’s restaurant partners PAN India are striving to make your ride soothing with their vitalizing, health-giving and exciting menu selections.

It offers a variety of cuisines on train rides at the seat. The food is served fresh and hot and prepared in healthy and hygienic conditions. 

Get Cool and Refreshing Drinks in Summer

There are various gratifying summer special refreshment drinks to beat the sun’s scorching heat, but we never imagined sipping them while travelling by train. RailRestroe-catering foresaw this and realized that making an effort to provide your favourite drinks and meals will make your holiday ride even more enjoyable. These five unique cocktails are now available from our FSSAI licensed restaurant partners that serve food and beverages to stations.

The five best thirst-quenching drinks that RailRestro offers their passengers on the train are as follows:

  1. Lassi – It’s a yoghurt-based drink that is cool and boosting. Lassi is available in various flavours such as Kesar-Pistalassi, strawberry lassi, mango lassi, etc. Take a sip of this chilled Punjabi drink during the ride to lift your spirits by booking a meal on train from the RailRestro app.
  1. Buttermilk – Those who believe buttermilk is a recent refreshment drink should know that it is a traditional beverage made by a vigorous churning of curd, refrigerated water or even ice cubes, and some spices. It is the best drink for summer and is a natural digestive. Order a glass of buttermilk during your journey to help you maintain your body’s water level and beat the heat.
  1. Mango shakes – Mangoes are welcomed in every area of India throughout the summer season. Now you can sip your favourite refreshing and stimulative mango shakes on the train. A sprinkle of mango pulp combined with crushed ice cubes increases the richness and sweetness of the shake, which is one of India’s most popular drinks.
  1. AamPanna – AamPanna is a popular add-on on the summer menu of RailRestro. This delightful cocktail, also widely recognized as KacchiKairikasharbat, is prepared with fresh raw mangoes, cumin powder, and fresh mint leaves. Apart from rejuvenating you, the juice keeps you energized and refreshed. It helps you beat the summer heat. The juice is presented in a glass along with a crushed ice cube. Covering enthralling and diverse landscapes while sipping AamPanna is now possible with the e-catering app.
  1. Badam Milk – How about almond-flavoured milk with Kesar and dried fruits? A quick and easy way to savour goodness! The almond milk with Kesar bits sprinkled to add flavour. During the summer months train ride, Badam Milk is a great drink to stay hydrated. It’s served cold by RailRestro with minced dried fruits on top. On the train, have freshly produced Badam milk. Top 5 Nutritious Summer Foods to Order

Apart from the drinks mentioned above, you can also order delicious and nutritious food from RailRestro during your summer ride. 

The following are the food that you may order on the train:

  1. Yoghurt is a healthy coolant and an Indian probiotic drink which contains all of the essential requirements. Buttermilk, Chhanchh, and a variety of raitas are among the many Indian drinks with curd as a primary ingredient. In addition, we can combine many fruits with curd to create delectable treats for your summer trips.
  1. Smoothies are popular among children, and mothers can make them with readily accessible chocolate sauces, milk cream, and ice cream. During the summertime Railway journey, these drinks are incredibly electrifying.
  1. Fruits are among the healthiest foods to have on a train trip. Fresh fruit is easily accessible with the RailRestro app and can be booked from any location like Howrah Junction, Patna Junction, Ernakulam Junction and other major and regional stations. Mixed fruit and fruit salad are served fresh, ripened and juicy at the most affordable rate. 
  1. Dhokla – It’s a simple, quick-to-prepare recipe that’s also excellent. Dhokla is created with bread crumbs and Rava in a batter. The inclusion of ginger & green chillies enhances the flavour of the dish. The finest healthy food you’ll ever consume is dhokla.
  1. Ice-cream – Ice cream and fruit combinations are great to help your body recharge and chill. They are both uplifting and calorie-dense, assisting in replenishing exhausted vitality throughout the hot summer months.

Beat the Summer Heat in Train in Just 4 Steps

Install the RailRestro app on your mobile and do the following:

  1. Enter the PNR number/Train Number.
  2. Choose the summer delight you wish to savour.
  3. Place an order online or opt for COD.
  4. Get food on your seat.

Alternatively, you can call on 8102202203 to order chilled, exquisite and recharging foods for summer.

Railrestro E-catering Serving Revitalising Food in Summer

Unwind and relax your holiday ride with the RailRestro app. You’ll have a long list of destinations for your summer vacation, and you’ll probably enjoy eating food on the train of your choice. This time, these exotic drinks and delicious food in train will keep you fulfilled and chilled on your summer travels.Besides, you can also check PNR status of your train ticket to ensure a hassle-free journey ahead.

RailRestro also provides regular travellers with promotional coupons. For additional information, visit the official website.