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Why female journalist from Kashmir was booked? Noone will tell you the real reason

Last Updated on April 22, 2020 at 12:29 am

Jammu: A journalist do not enjoys any extra ‘freedom of expression’ or ‘right to criticism’ than any common citizen of the country. The principles of freedom of expression enshrined in our constitution gives every citizen equal rights to express and criticize unless it harms or hurts the sentiments of any other citizen.

However journalists in Kashmir seem to be taking this freedom of expression for a ride. Three journalists were booked by Kashmir police after they either reported “factually incorrect” news items as per police or wrote posts on their social media platforms that were inappropriate.

We will take you to the social media posts of Masrat Zahra a female photographer who has uploaded many posts on her Facebook account that could be considered as inappropriate and not in a good taste at least when she happens to be a journalist.

The above post clearly shows the hate of Masrat Zahra against the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. She could have criticized the policies of the government in terms of dealing with Covid 19 but being a journalist and attacking the PM of the nation raises questions on the credibility of one’s journalistic ethics that keeps unbiased temperament on top.

Zahra doesn’t stops here and had shared another post that reads, “I have a map in my heart of my homeland and that the heart will never allow you to forget this map. This is our homeland, our life, our garment, we will fight for it until the very and we will never give it up”. The post also has a picture of a woman walking past a shop on which the slogan of ‘Azadi’ is painted.

The post clearly shows the thought process of this female journalist who is openly challenging the sovereignty of the nation by promoting separatism.

Cyber police Srinagar stated that it had received information that Masrat Zahra was posting anti national posts on her Facebook account. She was booked under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

Soon after the case against the journalist, the propaganda machinery started peddling misinformation that she was booked for being critical of the government policies. They refrained to inform that the real reason behind a case against her was her Facebook posts.