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Reason behind order to shut all restaurants along Sidhra road in Jammu

Last Updated on February 20, 2021 at 6:08 pm

Restaurant owners along Sidhra Road in Jammu have claimed that they have been asked by the district administration to shut their operations.

There are more than 40 restaurants along Sidhra Road on the outskirts of Jammu that have been allegedly asked to shut their operations by the administration.

A restaurant owner claimed that they were not told by the administration about the reason to shut their operations. They alleged that they were being harassed by the district administration of Jammu without giving a reason to close their food joints.

However restaurants owners alleged that some food joints that are present in the forest area along Sidhra Road were not asked to shut their operations.

Deputy Commissioner of Jammu said in a tweet that around 29 structures, which prima facie appear to have been constructed on State Land (NH from Narwal to Sidhra) were closed down. “Other commercial establishments on the same road, which are not currently believed to be on the state land are operating normally” the DC said.