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Residential and commercial properties in Jammu to have unique Digital Door Number

Last Updated on December 13, 2022 at 8:10 pm

 Following the mapping of residential and commercial properties, the citizens in Jammu city will be able to avail maximum benefits of civic services as well as governance.

The Jammu Smart City Ltd (JSCL) in coordination with Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) is expeditiously working on the Project Geographical Information System (GIS) wherein all the residential and commercial properties falling in the JMC limits would be Geo-tagged and a Unique Digital Door Number (DDN) would be assigned to each property.

Apart from this, the project includes mapping of all the natural and manmade assets such as Streams, Rivers, Elevations, Drainage network, Road network, Utility Poles etc. on to the Digital Ward Map of Jammu. Such captured data would also equip the administration for conducting “spatial” planning for various projects pertaining to infrastructure development in the Municipal Wards of Jammu. The technology can further be leveraged to strengthen the existing Grievance Redressal System.

 “The project will not only provide the digital addresses of property but also revamp the delivery and monitoring of all civic services being provided by government,” an official of Jammu Smart City Limited said adding that the project will play a vital role by reducing manual interventions which will further plug the leakages in the systems and thereby promoting transparency.

He informed that the QR code based Digital Door Number (Smart Address) will be allotted and subsequently a DDN Plate will be fixed outside each property. For this purpose, the Survey team duly authenticated by Jammu Municipal Corporation is capturing the data against few property attributes such as Owner details, property measurements like plot area and built-up area, Electric/Water connection details and other relevant information. The data thus captured would be linked to the DDNs which will bring in several benefits like availability of digitized data for promoting online services, ease of address navigation for the citizen on digital Map, Garbage Collection Monitoring as the QR Code will be used by the garbage collector to scan and mark the completion of garbage collection task based upon which a notification will be send to the concerned DDN owner on Mobile App for the appropriate feedback.

Further, the registration on the Mobile App against a particular DDN will enable the respective citizen to make timely payment of the rents/usage charges owing towards JMC assets and therefore ensuring revenue realization.

The GIS technology can be exploited up to such extent wherein the dimensions (length & width) captured against road and drainage network across the city would act as one of the deciding factors for critical vehicular movements such as Fire Brigades, Ambulances etc.

The property attributes like no. of people residing, built-up/plot area along with the associating lanes and drains would enable the authorities to study the density and hence forecast the waste generation and effluent outflow in a particular ward and would also help the administration understand the deployment of the sanitation staff.

The “change detection technology” along with photographs of property would help administration with enforcing Building bye laws by keeping an eye on the building construction violations happening across the city. Furtherance to this, the Online Building Permission System will be integrated with the GIS application to record the permissible measurements of the upcoming and ongoing constructions which will help in vigilance and therefore preventing encroachments. Moreover, the availability of the public utilities data like PHE pipelines, electric poles etc. in the vicinity of a particular property would automate the process of issuing the required NOCs for building permissions.

 “The formation of an accurate database of all the properties and assets linked with GIS applications portal will help administration to take proactive measures and informed decisions to improve delivery of civic governance through better resource management.” he said adding that the holistic monitoring would be done through the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) which is being established in the Townhall Complex, JMC.

Jammu Municipal Corporation appeals all the residents and property owners to cooperate whole heartedly and share the requisite information with the survey teams. The survey team shall be carrying valid Identification Cards issued by Jammu Municipal Corporation. The residents/property owners must validate the authenticity of the team visiting their premises before sharing any information with them. The authenticity of the team members can also be ascertained through the website of Jammu Municipal Corporation and Jammu Smart City Limited.