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Rising cell phone addiction among children in Kashmir

Last Updated on June 6, 2022 at 3:39 pm

Putting some light on the rising addiction of children towards electronic devices, a survey was conducted for the same in Kashmir. The menace of increasing screen time among children is not unknown and to an utter surprise, 63 percent of parents interviewed in a study feel that their child is addicted to an electronic device, mostly a mobile phone.

The study titled “Increase in Screen Time for Children in COVID Times and its effects” carried out by the department of Social and Preventive Medicine has analysed the patterns in electronic device usage among children. This study involved 307 parents in discussions and interviews about children aged mostly 6 to 10 years.

The motive behind this study was to know the pattern of mobile phones among children. As per study, 62.9 percent of parents consider their children addicted to the phone. Nearly half (45 percent children) studied in this survey had personal cell phones.

Researchers claimed that this can be due to not keeping regular watch over these children by their parents and not putting limitation on usage of phones or easy access to their phones.

The study has been carried out by S Muhammad Salim Khan, Sabira Aalia Dkhar, Ruqia Quansar and Inaamul Haq.

“Over 53 of parents were in agreement that maximum screen-time without causing any health concerns should be less than 2 hours a day,” the study said.

The rising concerns were sedentary behavior, less exercising, less physical activity, and resulting increased obesity and adiposity in the longer run.

The researchers have called for steps to review reliance on digital education. “It is important to have a well-thought approach to the role of the Internet and digital devices in teaching and learning.