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Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor second son name is Jehangir Khan?

Last Updated on August 10, 2021 at 1:54 pm

Saif Ali Khan and Kreena Kapoor Khan have officially named their second son as Jehangir Ali Khan.

Last month there were reports that the Bollywood star parents have named their second son as Jeh. However sources have now informed that the name of the second son of Saif Ali Khan is Jehangir Ali Khan.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareen Kapoor Khan had been quiet about their second son’s name for the longest time. Earlier a controversy had broken out at the time of naming of their first son as Taimur. Some organizations had stated that Taimur was an Islamic invader who had destroyed temples and enslaved people and naming a person after him was not right.

Last month, Randhir Kapoor had revealed that his grandson has been named Jeh. However, according to Kareena Kapoor’s recently published book, Pregnancy Bible, there was more to the story as the real name is revealed now.


While the couple is yet to disclose their second baby, she indirectly revealed his original name in her recently published book Pregnancy Bible: The Ultimate Manual for Moms-To-Be. The actor, who has addressed her second son Jeh throughout the book, called him Jehangir in the caption of one of the images of her book.

It is to be seen as to how people will react to the name of second son of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan.