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UAE and Pakistan funded an organization to settle Rohingyas in Jammu, claims report

Last Updated on March 14, 2021 at 9:51 pm

A verification drive is going on in Jammu and Kashmir to identify illegal immigrant Rohingyas during which security agencies have found that an organization funded from Pakistan and UAE is assisting these migrants to settle Jammu.

Rohingyas started moving in from Myanmar to Kiryani Pond in Jammu, Narwal Bala, Teli Basti of Badi Brahmana, Samba and Kathua from 1996. Farooq Abdullah used to be Chief Minister of the state then. Security agencies said that NGOs have also built Madarasas and welfare centres for Rohingyas. These NGOs also receive funding from other nations. However, agencies haven’t yet disclosed name of the NGO being funded by Pakistan.

Government data states that more than 13,700 foreign nationals, including Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshi nationals, live in Jammu and Samba districts. Moreover, their population has grown by more than 6,000 between 2008 and 2016. Rohingya are Bengali-speaking Muslims. They are a minority in Myanmar.

Police have asked for help from Sarpanches of Jammu, Samba and Kathua to find Rohingyas who have escaped from verification. Police have found 168 such illegal Rohingya refugees last Saturday. They have been sent to a holding centre in Hiranagar jail. They couldn’t produce any government document to live or move or move in the country. These accused have been charged under sections of the Passport act.

Police have also caught 24 Rohingyas from Bari Brahmana in the Samba district.

Officials said that they are conducting a verification drive in the MAM stadium amidst tight security. The administration has said that they have collected data regarding Rohingyas’ bio-metric and their accommodation. This verification drive will continue further and an in-depth investigation will be conducted.

Abdul Hanan, a Myanmar national, said that they have filled a form after taking covid-19 test. He said that their fingerprints are also taken. This whole process was conducted in the stadium. Some political parties and social organizations have requested the Central Government to immediately send Rohingyas and Bangladeshis back to their homeland.