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Shiv Sena wants Rohingyas, Bangladeshis pushed out of Jammu & Kashmir

Last Updated on December 4, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Shiv Sena (UBT) Jammu and Kashmir unit, expressing deep concern over the increasing criminal cases in the state, trafficking of women, drug   smuggling , kidnapping, called for a thorough investigation of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis residing illegally in Jammu and  Kashmir and   demanded to push them out of Jammu 

Led by Manish Sahni , president Shiv Sena J&K , the Shiv Sainiks gathered at Indira Chowk in Jammu city held a strong demonstration holding placards reading “Rohingyas Quit Jammu”, “Throw out women trafficking”, “ Rohingyas presence  Sound alarm for security ” protest strongly.

 State Chief Manish Sahni said that Rohingyas are infiltrating the Indian and traveling thousands of KM to reach the sensitive area of ​​Jammu is a matter of deep investigation. He said that it has been proved that the crime figures of the country and state where Rohingyas reach increase.

 In Jammu also, cases of crime, theft, kidnapping, drug addiction and trafficking of women have increased in the last few years.  Recently, Jammu and Kashmir Police arrested three women from Bathindi, which revealed that they were brought to Kashmir for trafficking.

Even before this, a case of selling women and getting them married to local people had come to light in Kashmir, the domicile of that woman was also made.

 Sahni said that Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive area, bringing foreign women here and marry them with local people can prove to be part of a well-planned conspiracy and a serious threat to the country’s security.

 Sahni said that some local people are also helping them knowingly or unknowingly and out of greed for money , should also be investigated.

 Sahni has demanded the Jammu and Kashmir Police and Intelligence agencies to identify the Rohingyas and Bangladeshis and  push them out of the border of Jammu and Kashmir and the country.

 Sahni said in a warning manner that if the police administration does not take any concrete action, then Shiv Sainik will drive them out of Jammu in its own style. On this occasion 

Meenakshi Chhibber, Rakesh Gupta, G I Singh, Balwant Singh, Raj Singh, Mangu Ram, Rajinder Sehgal, Pooja Devi, Jagbir, Vishal Singh, Sohan Lal  and many others were present