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Should PDD re-consider its decision of installing pre-paid meters in Jammu?

Last Updated on June 15, 2021 at 11:59 am

The much hyped project of installation of pre-paid meters in Jammu is being criticized by people due to the ongoing situation of power crisis in hot summer weather.

As per reports, residents of different areas said that they are facing many difficulties because of power cuts which are not scheduled. Moreover, the rising level of mercury is making it worse. It’s ironic that, Power Department is planning to install prepaid metres but are they aware of whether post-paid metres have been installed in all areas or not?

They further said that it’s surprising that in the Power Department half of the Jammu city and its outskirts has laid cables while in the other half still service lines are being used. “It shows that there is no proper planning and consistency in work. These schemes and plans are of no use. Instead of clearing loopholes officials are putting more burden on people amid pandemic”, said a resident of Shakti Nagar area.

Also residents informed that it has become casual of transformers getting burnt. “If complaints are lodged, officials blame us for putting too much load on transformers that results in transformers burning”, residents said.

They said, “Before installing the prepaid meters, the Power Department should disconnect all the illegal connections”.

The residents say that it’s strange that the Power Department thinks that these pre-paid metres will function successfully in Jammu. “Officials should think once again before putting any more burden on people and spending crores in purchasing these meters”, residents said.