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Smell test for socks, use of only ‘permitted’ bad words in Punjabi allowed: Notice by a Chandigarh club is going viral

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 at 1:56 pm

A notice by a club in Chandigarh Lake club is going viral on social media for the norms it asks its members to follow.

“Proper dress for the activity the members are engaged in is compulsory. For Gym the users are required to wear proper attire like gym suits. Special attention is to be paid to undergarments. Only approved undergarments are to be worn. The list and samples of such garments are kept in office. Members can bring their garments tot office for approval stamping” the notice by Chandigarh Lake club states.

Chandigarh lake club notice going viral

“Members should wear proper shoes and also follow good hygiene socks must be washed everyday. Members found wearing dirty and foul smelling socks will be fined if they fail the smell test. The same

also applies to body odour. Please use good quality body odour” the notice states.

It further states that gym member lifting heavy weights make loud noises which are not allowed. “Please do not make loud sounds while lifting weights. Also using foil language is not allowed. List of permitted bad words in Punjabi is available with us. Please use only the permitted bad words”.

Chandigarh Lake Club also adds that gym users wearing shorts must shave their legs to preserve the decorum and to avoid unnecessary attention Defaulters will be depilated at sight