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Sonakshi Sinha engaged to Zaheer Iqbal? Actress shares picture with diamond ring

Last Updated on May 9, 2022 at 2:06 pm

Sonakshi Sinha today posted a picture of her with a ring on social media platforms hinting that she is engaged.

A lot of people tries to know with whom Sonakshi Sinha is engaged to? While Sonakshi did not divulge the face of the person with whom she is engaged, she was clearly wearing a costly ring that made everyone suspicious that she is engaged.

Datong rumours of Sonakshi Sinha and actor Zaheer Iqbal, who made his Bollywood debut with Notebook are known across the industry. However it is still not clear that Sonakshi Sinha is engaged to Zaheer Iqbal or not and it is a thing that we will wait to be answered by the actress only.

However Sonakshi seems to be very happy in the picture posted on social media in which she is standing beside a person, presumably Zaheer Iqbal with a smile on her face. It is also not known why she did not divulge the identity of the person she is apparently engaged to.

Sonakshi Sinha is the daughter of veteran Shatrugan Sinha but has not been able to make big in the industry. Most of the movies she acted in were based on male lead and she is not considered as a hit actress. Known only because of her father, Sonakshi has not been able to deliever any smashing hit movie that was based on her character.