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Terror veteran ‘Chhota Walid’ behind rising attacks in Kashmir

Last Updated on October 11, 2021 at 1:24 pm

The recent sudden rise in the attacks and killing of civilians in the Jammu and Kashmir mainly targeted minorities over past few days in the region. As per the report in The Print, security forces have learnt that behind the attacks is the Pakistani terrorist, currently identified by his nickname ‘Chhota Walid’ who is believed to be the mastermind behind these attacks.

Though it is believed that attacks have been carried out by local terrorists but to fire up the terror activities mastermind ‘Chhota Walid’ was sent. As per the report, local terrorists were forced by the Pakistani handlers to carry out the targeted attacks. ‘Walid’ is believed to have infiltrated through the LoC around 20 days back to ensure that these attacks are carried out.

Though the security has been tightened and security officials managed to neutralize many infiltration bids but it is believed that since past two months, at least four to five groups of terrorists have managed to infiltrate in from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

‘Chhota Walid’ is not the only Kashmir veteran to have come in; Pakistan is trying to provide leadership to the local terrorists by sending in older ones who have had previous stints.  Over the past few years, many sustained operations were carried out targeting such leadership of terror groups.

After the spike in the attacks and killing of the civilians multiple search operations are being carried out by the J&K Police, along with other security forces.

The security agencies have identified about 4-5 local terrorists who are believed to have carried out the attacks. Multiple teams are working on this issue, with the J&K Police, Army, CRPF and the intelligence agencies working in coordination.