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Transferred two months ago, engineers not ready to join new place of posting

Last Updated on June 23, 2021 at 1:27 pm

More than 20 junior engineers were transferred in the Jal Shakti department around two months back. Despite being transferred they yet have not joined their new postings. It is often the case in government departments in Jammu and Kashmir that casual attitude of officials is seen in case of transfers. It depends on the choice of officers to relieve the transferred officials or not.

Failure to act upon the order 43/JSD/Estt of 2021 dated 29-4-2021 clearly shows that transfer orders were issued just for a formality.

By virtue of this order the Chief Engineer Jal Shakti department Kashmir issued transfer order in respect of 23 junior engineers (mechanical), but most of the officials are working in their previous postings till date. None of the staff members is apparently bothered about their transfer orders and non-compliance by concerned Executive Engineers fuelled the matter.

As per reports, Executive Engineers are little concerned about the orders and are not responsible enough in their duties.  They are not ready to relieve the concerned junior engineers so that they can join at the new places where they have been posted.

As per reports, one influential junior engineer managed to implement his particular order and the same was done by virtue of a separate order issued by the Chief Engineer, Jal Shakti department Kashmir. Most of the other junior engineers have not been transferred and they continue to work at their present places of posting. The Chief Engineer seems not so tough which is causing this situation to arise.

It’s ironic that in the order it has been written that the transfer of junior engineers (mechanical) has been done in the interest of the government with the commands that the engineers should join their new places of posting as soon as possible. But these commands seem to be all in vain as no heed is paid to these orders till date.