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Twitter served notice for showing Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir

Last Updated on November 13, 2020 at 2:54 pm

Twitter has been issued a notice by the Union Ministry of Electronics and IT for showing Leh as a part of Jammu and Kashmir while it is in fact part of Ladakh. The notice asked the social media giant to explain why legal action shouldn’t be taken against it for disrespecting India’s territorial integrity.

Earlier, Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and IT had written to the Twitter CEO Jack raising an objection to Twitter showing Leh as a part of China. Twitter rectified the error in response to the objection. But, this time Twitter has not corrected the map to show Leh as a part of Ladakh by now. Twitter is still showing Leh as constituent of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir which is not the case.

On November 9, the Ministry of Electronics and IT served a notice to the Social media platform on the same matter. In its notice sent to the global vice-President of Twitter, the Ministry of IT stated that Twitter is deliberately showing Leh as a part of Jammu and Kashmir in order to undermine the will of parliament of India which declared Ladakh as a Union Territory and Leh as its part.

A source told the Times of India that if Twitter fails to act after the notice, then the government will take legal action. The government can file an FIR in India against the head of Twitter under the Criminal Laws Amendment Act, 1961 for tampering with the map of the nation. Under this provision, there could be jail for six months. The government can also use 69A of IT act.  Under this provision, access to the company’s app, website or resource can be blocked.

According to The Hindu, Twitter has emanded time till November-end to resolve the issue. A Twitter spokesperson in an email responsed that the company is committed to the Government of India and the Ministry of Electronics and IT. The United States headquartered micro blogging platform has responded to the letter and as a part of correspondence, shared  an update with the issue of geo-tagging.