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Violation of transfer policy in the Forest department: RTI

Last Updated on June 24, 2021 at 8:05 pm

A non-compliance to transfer policy was witnessed in the office of Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) where a maximum of junior assistants posted there have overstayed.

These officials have been overstaying at their place of postings thus violating the transfer policy drafted by Jammu and Kashmir government. It’s surprising that only three have been transferred during the past two years.

The office of Chief Conservator of Forests has furnished the details of the officials overstaying in the office in response to an RTI application which was filed by Bilal Ahmed. Information was found out regarding the stay period of each junior assistant working under the control of the Chief Conservator of Forests Jammu.

As per the information, the CCF Jammu has furnished the list of 90 junior assistants out of which most of them have been overstaying in various districts of Jammu division. 

To name a few junior assistants overstaying since the year 2007 are Surinder Kour, Sarita Wadera, Shakuntala Devi, Pankaj Jamwal. While those overstaying since 2010 or before that are Manmohan Singh, Ramesh Singh Jamwal, Roop Krishan Butt, Renuka Sharma, Sunita Koul, Devki Nandan, Sanjay Kumar, Subash Chander, Pinki Devi, Madhu Bala, Gagan Deep Singh, Setha Kumari Butt.

While those overstaying include Sunita Devi, Manjeet Singh (1983), Sunita Kumari (1990), Naseer Ahmad Dev (1991), Naseem Begum (1995), Shamima Begum (1999), Babu Ram (1991).

Others include Neelam Devi (2013), Raman Kapoor (2011), Sushma Rani, Dharam Chand (2011), Ashwani Kumar Sharma (2013), Chanchla Devi (2015), Balkesh Kumar (2015), Sunita Kumari, Reetu Jamwal, Sheetal Gandotra (2017), Amit Pal Singh (2016), Surinder Kumar Sangra (2017), Parmanand (2013), Neeraj Sangra (2016), Anil Sharma (2017), Vijay Kumar (2016), Mamta Kumari (2013). 
Some others are Pritama Mukti (2016), Sanjay Kumar (2009), Sunil Verma (2015), Bimla Devi (2012), Noor Mohammad (2016), Rajesh Wali (2015), Jatinder Singh (2011), Madhu Bala (2009), Neeraj Magotra (2016), Ramesh Kumar (2016), Naseer Ahmad Dev (1991), Nasema Begum (1995), Fehmida Begum (2001), Shamima Begum (1999), Nitin Parihar (2017), Pankaj Khajuria (2011), Shehnaz Ahmed (2016), Zahoor Ahmad Ganai (2016), Dhruv Singh (2017), Durga Dass (2012), Mohammad Aslam (2013), Rajni Kumari (2013), Kusum Lata (2001), Sultan Mohammad (2014), Fareeda Akhter (2017), Manju Devi (2016), Ashish Bhandari (2017) and Mohan Lal (2016).