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Weather in Jammu is pleasant even in March end? This is the reason and it is not COVID-19

Last Updated on March 27, 2020 at 7:33 am

Many people in Jammu and Kashmir must be wondering as to why weather in Jammu was still pleasant and the temperature that used to touch more than 30 degrees by this time of the year was still below 20.

Their concerns are natural and everyone in Jammu knows about the harsh summers that start by the end of March and were so far not visible of felt anywhere in the region.

Some people may also attribute the pleasant weather to Coronavirus or COVID-19 as no vehicular emissions or pollution from factories due to the national lock-down could also be the cause of low temperature in the state.

It is a series of Western Disturbances that are hitting the northern parts of India one after another due to which it rains whenever you start feeling the heat. It is a similar western disturbance that has again hit north India and caused rains in Jammu, Punjab and Haryana among other areas.

Heavy rains and thunderstorm are likely to hit the upper reaches of Jammu region and Kashmir. The rains could continue till March 30 when another western disturbance is expected to hit the region.

While the plains of Jammu region will receive rainfall, mountainous areas including Bhaderwah, Kishtwar, hills of Udhampur and Vaishno Devi may even receive mild snowfall. Weather in Jammu for next 5 days is likely to let you remain in relief from heat.

After heavy rains in Jammu today, there may be respite from wet surroundings for two to three days but the temperature will not let Jammu forget the cold for coming week.

Many people on social media had posted that the cold weather conditions were due to the fact that there was no vehicular traffic as well as pollution from factories and other industrial units due to a lockdown owing to Coronavirus. However there is no study to suggest this reason to be true.

On the other hand, Srinagar weather forecast for 10 days suggest that the region is expected to remain in cold conditions and may also witness heavy hail in some areas.

While weather in Jammu keeps your memories of cold months afresh, you can savor specialties of Jammu including ‘malpudas’ and ‘desi chai’ to keep you hot.