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Weather in Kashmir and Jammu to change in coming week

Last Updated on April 19, 2020 at 7:32 pm

Weather in Kashmir and Jammu may have become pleasant and even cold for elderly during the past two to three days but the weather predictions say that temperature in Jammu is likely to soar in the coming week.

Jammu and Kashmir witnessed rainfall and even snow at the higher peaks on April 17 and 18 bringing the minimum temperature down to even 6 degree in Srinagar and maximum at 16 degree. While the people are still perplexed due to the change in weather conditions as April never used to be pleasant during recent times, the coming weeks could be more challenging in terms of weather.

It is expected that it would be cloudy even on April 20 and 21 with light rain in some parts of the state. Jammu can receive light to moderate rainfall on Monday. However things will start changing from Wednesday when the maximum temperature will reach nearly 32 degree. There will be further ascend in the temperature and it will reach 35 degree on next Saturday i.e. April 25.

Weather in Jammu for next 5 days will be unpredictable from cold conditions to rising temperature.

The minimum temperature on April 21 will be 18 degree and maximum of 30 degree. On April 22 the maximum temperature will reach 32 and minimum 17 degree. On April 23 the maximum temperature will be 33 and minimum 17 degree. 24th April will become hot with maximum temperature of 35 degree and minimum of 16 degree. Similar weather will be observed on April 25.

Weather in Kashmir will also be a tricky in the coming week with sun and clouds playing hide and seek almost every day.

Weather in Srinagar will remain cold throughout the week with minimum temperature being at 6 degree till April 25. The maximum temperature will be witnessed only on April 22 at 22 degree. The temperature in Srinagar will then again fall to 19 degree on April 24.

Srinagar will also witness possible thunderstorm on April 23, 24 and 25.