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What happened to Sunil Grover? Fans ask after his heart surgery

Last Updated on February 2, 2022 at 6:20 pm

Sunil Grover is a known face in Bollywood and any news regarding him hit the headlines. However this time news regarding Sunil Grover is trending on the social media as his fans came to knew about his heart surgery.

The curious fans wanted to know as to what happened to Sunil Grover and was he fine after his heart surgery. Grover who is known for his comedy in movies and serials, had a heart surgery as per reports.

A lot of people and Bollywood celebrities wished Sunil fast recovery and wanted to know if he was now fine.

Grover was admitted to the Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai last week and heart surgery was performed on him on January 27 as per the reports.

“He had a heart surgery and the patient is absolutely fine now. He should be discharged soon. We can’t divulge any more information about his health,” the hospital source said.

Grover is known for his acting in Kapil Sharma show however after a tiff between both the actors, the former left the show and was missed by his fans.

Sunil Grover has also acted in several movies some of which are remembered as his best acting including Gabbar is Back in which he played the role of a police official who cracks a case with his intelligence.