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What is the difference between Hijab, Niqab and Burqa for women?

Last Updated on April 6, 2022 at 7:37 pm

Muslim women around the world wear different types of coverings such as Hijab, Niqab, and Burqa. These different types of women’s Islamic clothing have gained lots of discussions in recent past but people still don’t know the exact difference between these coverings of women.

Talking first about Hizab, it is the type of covering worn by Muslim women which generally covers head and neck or simply described as headscarves. This usually covers head and neck and comes in various styles but leaves the face uncovered.  Women’s eyes, face and forehead are kept open in the hijab, which gives freedom in talking and working.

Another kind of covering is Burqa which covers the body from top to bottom just leaving a small screen to see in front.

Other type of covering worn by Muslim women is Niqab which covers only the head and the face and eyes is not covered. It can however be worn with a separate eye veil and with an accompanying headscarf.

Another form of covering is Chador worn by Muslim women which is wrapped around the head and it is wrapped around the body like a shawl. Old age women who are unable to wear Burqa, they wear Chador.

One more kind of covering for Muslim women is Shayla which is a long scarf that is wrapped around the head and may be pinned in place at the shoulders.