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What is the reason for Kashmir’s increased power crisis?

Last Updated on April 17, 2022 at 10:54 am

Even after paying hefty bills people across Kashmir are not getting regular power supply. Power Development Department (PDD) informed that the Northern Grid is facing the availability issues amid rising demand in North India.

People across Kashmir alleged that even during Sehri and Iftar they have been facing power cuts and no action was taken by the concerned authorities. One of the local said that since past few days there have been more power cuts due to unknown reasons. Another local from Srinagar said that apart from Sehri and Iftaar, they are subjected to face undue power cuts even during the day, while he added that the authorities need to ensure uninterrupted power supply at least in Ramadan.

Chief Engineer PDD Kashmir, Javid Yousuf told Excelsior that sudden increase in mercury level in the month of March there has been less rainfall even as the power demand has increased in other Northern States. Further official added that due to lesser rainfall power generation has reduced.

“To maintain the system stability in the Northern Grid we have to maintain a frequency in a certain band. If there is a dip, then the Northern Grid issues an advisory to States to decrease the load; as there is a rising demand with a dip in power generation, we are doing our bit to maintain the balance as directed and that’s what we are doing and there are power cuts,” he said.

The officials have appealed to people to use electricity judiciously and they are doing every effort to reduce problems of people.

Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party led government in Punjab has announced 300 units of free power to every Punjab home. Just in a month there have been taken major decisions by government in Punjab for the welfare of people.