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Who is benefiting from illegal mining of minerals in Jammu and Kashmir?

Last Updated on December 3, 2021 at 1:57 pm

The authorities in Jammu division of the UT have miserably failed in stopping illegal mining taking place in different water streams and river Tawi in the heart of city.

Vehicles carrying sand and gravels can be seen near these rivulets through the day demeaning the rule of law and flouting all environmental norms.

Scenes in some of the hidden areas near Tawi river are also a telltale sign of failure of administration of Jammu and Kashmir that has failed to rein in the mining mafia despite tall claims.

A view of Tawi river in Jammu

So much so that the cost of building material including sand and gravels is skyrocketing due to illegal mining in Jammu division. Authorities seem to be sitting on their hands as a result they have failed to act against mining mafia.

Not only the cost of building material, but the damage illegal mining causes to the environment is immense. Despite the fact that clearances are required for river bed mining even by authorized mining companies, at many places the practice is common, as per sources, illegally.

Riverbed mining can not only affect the aquatic life in the region but can also change the course of the river or water streams over the time and cause widespread floods in future.

Sources informed that illegal extraction of minerals from water streams is not only taking place in Jammu division but even in Kashmir region. On the other hand far flung areas of Rajouri and Poonch district in Jammu division have also come under the scanner of illegal miners who are exploiting natural resources with impunity.

“LT Governor Manoj Sinha who is trying hard to act against illegal activities in J&K should give the responsibility to tackle illegal mining to someone strong who does not budge under the pressure of mafia” said an official of Directorate of Geology and Mining, J&K.