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World Oral Health Day: Dental problems can even lead to brain, kidney and heart ailments

Last Updated on March 20, 2021 at 5:53 pm

Institute Innovation Council (IIC) of Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology (NIET) (Pharmacy Institute), Greater Noida today organised a webinar on World Oral Health day.

Dr Gautam Sharma, Dental Surgeon of the University of Jammu and former President of Indian Dental Association (IDA), Jammu gave an online presentation during this occasion.

Abhijit Debnath, Asst Prof. NIET (Pharmacy Institute),   introduced Prof. (Dr.) Rupa Majumdar, Dean Pharmacy, NIET, Greater Noida and Dr Gautam Sharma to the attendees. Debnath gave a brief introduction about the topic- oral health for better health. Prof Majumdar delivered an impressive welcome address.

In his presentation, Dr Gautam stressed on the maintenance of good oral hygiene. He informed that the bacterial infection of gums which later affects the attachments apparatus of the tooth can lead to various serious problems involving the brain, heart, lungs, kidney and may dysregulate the diabetes in a patient.

He classified his presentation based on the diseases in the children, adults and elderly people. Treatment modalities for the diseases in different ages were also discussed during the webinar. Details of nursing bottle caries as well as habits which can cause malocclusion in children were discussed with the help of power-point presentation.

Issues due to difficulty in the eruption of last molar and the treatment required to alleviate pain and inflammation due to impaction of the third molars were presented. Cases of cancer due to smoking and chewing tobacco were also the part of the webinar. Management of the edentulous spaces with partial dentures and implants along with the implications were also discussed.

Participants enthusiastically asked various question regarding the maintenance of oral hygiene and prevention of decay of the teeth. More than 25 questions were taken up in the question answer session.