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‘Your Mobile Our Office’ app to be rolled out within 15 days in J&K

Last Updated on February 23, 2022 at 8:43 pm

The Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta today asked the department to speed up the development of UT dashboard and ‘your mobile our office’ app to enable J&K to go fully digital in next three months.

He made this comments in a meeting held to review the development of UT Dashboard. The meeting was attended by the secretaries of a few identified service oriented departments including IT secretary.

The objective of the portal will be to monitor the progress of various development schemes/activities of the government departments and will enable single point view/oversight to the top echelons of the J&K Government.

The implementation of the schemes will be assessed on real time basis based on the key performance indicators identified/set out by the respective departments.

The Chief Secretary asked the IT department to integrate the DGGI dashboard with 50 indicators and 140 data points besides also incorporating the 55 beneficiary oriented schemes with the UT dashboard to make the dashboard a real time one stop viewing/monitoring platform for all the schemes in the UT.

He said going forward the scope and sweep of the dashboard can be further enhanced by adding more schemes and services including the deliverables assigned to all the departments.

Earlier IT Secretary, Prerna Puri made a small presentation on the progress achieved in developing the dashboard and outlined the steps being taken to roll out the initiative and ‘your mobile out office’ app.

Prerna said ‘your mobile our office’ app is in the final stages of the development and will be rolled out shortly.

She said that in the beginning this app will be enabled to provide only five services on line on end to end basis and the number of the services will be extended going forward based on the lessons learnt in the process. 

Dr Mehta asked the department to launch ‘your mobile our office’ app within 15 days with 5 services to begin with. The Chief Secretary advised the department to also explore the possibility of providing 200 services available on Umang app on this app.