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Jammu’s favorite is ‘Desi’ whisky and not beer or IMFL

Last Updated on October 11, 2020 at 6:31 pm

Jammu may have made much progress since two decades but when it come to booze, the city still pours out its heart for ‘Desi’ whisky. Consumption of beer and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) is still far behind the local brand of whisky – JK Desi Whisky.

As per the official figures by the Excise and Taxation Department the sale of bottles of JK Desi Whisky in year 2005-06 was 110.14 lakh bottles. The sale of IMFL and beer bottles was 85.22 lakh and 55.46 lakh respectively.

Most of the bottles of liquor were sold in Jammu division and a miniscule amount in Kashmir region. The sale of bottles of Desi whisky jumped to 187.50 lakh bottles in year 2010-11 and in the same year the sale of IMFL bottles was 108.90 lakh and beer bottles was 136.39 lakh. While the beer has been able to gain popularity in Jammu and Kashmir, IMFL was still far behind the Desi whisky.

Year 2017-18 witnessed the peak of sale of JK Desi Whisky bottles – 282.89 lakh. In the same year 143.43 lakh of IMFL and 161.64 lakh bottles of beer were sold in the markets of J&K. However in year 2018-19 the sale of Desi whisky dropped to 246.99 lakh bottles whereas the sale of IMFL consistently rose and reached 168.17 lakh bottles and beer at 170.81 lakh bottles.

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