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Krishna Dhaba in Kashmir reopens after two months of killing of owner’s son by terrorists

Last Updated on April 14, 2021 at 10:32 pm

Owner of Srinagar city’s famous vegetarian restaurant ‘Krishna Dhaba’ reopened his business on Tuesday. Terrorists murdered his son nearly two months back since then he had not opened his eatery.

His son Akash Mehra was killed by three terrorists on the evening of 17 February when he was running his business. He struggled for life for 11 days in S.M.H.S. Hospital but couldn’t survive. He finally took his last breath on February 28. J&K Police arrested all assassins involved within 48 hours and also found the motorcycle which was used in the brutal murder.

It has been around 2 months since this incident took place. Krishna Dhaba has been again opened to serve customers as the holy Navratri festival started. Owner Ramesh told reporters that he took birth and grew up in Srinagar and it is his city. He even said that he has no grievances towards his son’s murderers. He won’t oppose it if the government decides to release those terrorists.

He said that this is his city and birthplace and he can’t leave this region. Many local people have always supported him. His restaurant is loved by vegetarians as it provides a wide range of dishes at a reasonable price with good food quality.